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Intermet manufacture an extensive range of high, medium and low density insulating and exothermic topping compounds for a variety of metallurgical applications. Typical of our range include:

• BiTop 001: Fast ignition, highly exothermic compound for steel & iron castings – Best suited for small/medium riser sections.
• BiTop 003: Fast ignition, medium burn rate compound well suited to Al, Cu Alloy castings.
• BiTop 007: High efficiency (anti-piping formulation) Exo-Insulating topping compound, ideally suited for larger iron, steel and higher temperature non-ferrous alloy castings.
• Bitop XPA: Low density (expanding) Insulation compound, equally suited as a secondary insulation compounds for large castings/forging ingot heads or as a free-flowing insulation media for continuous casting tundish or casting ladle.

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