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Intermet Refractories Limited offer a range of products and services to the metal casting industry for improvement of yields and quality. Whatever the application – iron, steel, cupro-alloys, aluminium or magnesium alloy castings, BIMEX feeding shapes can improve directional solidification, casting yield and process reliability.

Products are based on low density, low thermal capacity alumino-silicate fibres and are supplied in a range of shapes including open cylinder, dome, oval, neck down, board and ribbed form for insert preformed cavity applications.

All the shapes are available as insulating, mild exothermic/insulating and highly exothermic materials, enabling optimum feeder systems to be designed for a full range of casting sizes and qualities. Chromite and Silica Sand breaker cores, flat or conical are available in a wide range of sizes to achieve significant reductions in head/casting contact area. BIMEX ceramic fibre pouring cups, runner dishes and sprues with resistance to thermal shock are being increasingly used during the pouring of high quality castings and a wide range of sizes are now available.

Use of fibre pouring systems can reduce incidence of inclusions in the casting and enable metallostatic head pressure to be achieved without the need to increase the mould cope depth.

Shapes are available with dip coating to reduce erosion during pour. Insulating properties of the fibres minimise the risk of premature freezing and low levels of fume emission during use contributes to improved casting bay environment.

BITOP exothermic and insulating products used in conjunction with BIMEX open riser sleeves minimise heat losses from the metal feed reservoir system giving the required directional solidification to achieve sound castings with maximum yield.

Products are available for application on a range of head sizes and alloy systems in powder or board form, the latter reducing dust levels in service and allowing setting of products prior to casting.

BITOP products effectively reduce heat losses from metal held in ladles and tundishes, the product range being based on high quality particulate insulating and exothermic materials.

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